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WordPress programmers function

The WordPress community of programmer have acknowledged some WordPress plugins that would gain huge popularity in coming time and they are:

WordPress Programmers Function
W3 Total Cache plugin performs the dual function of loading the pages quicker and storing the static versions of a website.
• HeadSpace plugin takes care of all the aspects of search engine optimization necessary for a particular blog or a website driven by this CMS.
• Gravity Forms plugin helps in creating and uploading post and media contents.
• MaxBlog Press Affiliate Ninja plugin helps in speeding up the associate marketing process for a particular company website by identifying track clicks.
• WP-DBManager plugin takes remarkable back up for the company website and emails the entire database every day to the concerned individual. This plugin is exceptionally significant when it comes to taking content important back-ups. Therefore, an organization should hire a WordPress programmer who understands the benefit of plugins for a cms like WordPress and has the vision for creating plugins that can renovate the functionalities of the cms.
• Thank Me Later plugin establishes an instant connect with the first time guests of a particular website based on the data received from the CMS.
• WP-PageNavi plugin helps a pleasing navigation mechanism wherein the visitors can straight go the desired page.
• SEO Smart Links plugin helps in structure page ranks by inter-linking the articles based on the seo principles.
• Feedburner Circulation plugin enables one to exhibit the visitor counts in the top right corner of the website page.
• Digg Digg Social Sharing plugin powers all likely social icons on a particular company website thereby, helping people to right away share the content.
• Revision Control plugin enables website administrator to limit the number of post revisions that stay put in the storage.
• Tweet Old Post plugins enables a website manager to add social media posts into tweets with the alternative to add hash tags.
• Widget Context  plugin enables a company website administrator to decide the website pages where widget needs to be included thereby, creating a different look for the individual website pages.
• WordPress Editorial Calendar plugin offers an editorial calendar that helps a content person to maintain a programme of posts and write-ups.
• Pop Up Domination plugin offers the website managers with the plenty themes to decide from.
The above mentioned plugins have the potential of changing the whole functionality and consumer experience of a website hosted on WordPress cms. Therefore, if a venture wants to develop award-winning plugins, then it should sign up a WordPress programmer who has earlier developed plugins.
There are a small amount of things that a qualified WordPress programmer will sincerely consider while developing plugins and these are: – Code quality, Testing, Documentation.
From the part of programming also, an enterprise has to employ Word Press developer who can supervise the programming aspect professionally by reconciling the finest practices in programming and his own imagination.

6 Easy Steps to Develop a Website in WordPress

WordPress is one of the open source content management system that is now widely using in blogging and website designing. It is the right platform for business to develop an enticing website and make it powerful on internet. If you are novice about how to design a website in WordPress then this article will be helpful for you to take initial step.

Hire WordPress Developers India

How to develop a website in WordPress:

Follow these six simple steps to develop a WordPress Website.

1- Booking a Domain

It is the first step in Web development. In this step you select a domain for your website. Domain name should be as per your business industry that will easily define all of your offerings. Try to choose short domain name that will easily catch the attention of users. Besides this you should choose a devoted WP host and also order the space for your wordpress website.

2- Grow your WordPress

After booking space for your wordpress website, you can download this open source CMS from the certified website of WordPress. It is accessible free of cost from the WordPress official website and therefore, you will not have to go through any problems of malicious code in using this downloaded CMS tool.

3-PSD Files Translation

 In this phase, you will need a creative and experienced web designer to give an attractive look and feel for your new business website. Your website design should be like this that it will easily serve the specific purpose of your website and communicate your business services to target audience. Once your website designing has been completed, now you will need to Hire WordPress Developers India for hand coded PSD to WordPress conversion.

4-Build your WordPress

Once your translation procedure has been completed, now you can take assistance from Development Company to furnish your site with all official elements. This phase is basically related to implement the right plug-in to perform the right functionality. A wide variety of plug-in are available in wordpress. You can choose any one of the plugin as per your requirement. You can also develop a custom plugin for generating a highly focused website.

5-Check your Website

Once customization procedure has completed, now you are needed to completely examine your custom wordpress website. In this phase you should check your entire website according to worldwide software testing standards and check that if all the quality checks are ok.

6- Feed Your Online Existence with Content

After the complete website development with custom features, now you are needed to make its online presence over the web. Keep in mind that if the design is body then content is the soul. Quality content is life for your website as it defines the company offerings, brand vision and effective online identity.

After going through all these phases you have a great online business website.

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Tutorial to Create a Blog site with WordPress

WordPress is a free online, open source blog or website creation tool that is written in PHP language. It is popular as most powerful CMS in present time. WordPress is an easy to operate and uses flexible blog script. It has multiple advance set of features and offers multiple attractive themes to draw user attention.

What you can do with WordPress?

There are listed some points that are very easy to manage with WordPress. These are as follows:

1- You can easily edit and publish posts.

2 – Sorting of articles in categories.

3 – You can easily make a Search within your content.

4 –You can easily manage access

5-You can make changes to theme and code as per your requirements.

WordPress offers website hosting services also that enables you to take advantage of all its features.

How to create Blog site with WordPress?

Firstly you are needed to install WordPress on your website. You can do it with any auto installation tool or by using inbuilt web installer. Once you have installed WordPress, now you can start creating your blog. Go to the WP admin page by entering the exact URL. There is given one example below:

Enter your login credentials that you choose at the time of WordPress installation.  Here you will see admin area of the WordPress script.

Start Blogging

To write post in wordpress blog.

Go to

Posts -> add new from your dashboard.


Here you will find the page to post your article. Paste your article here. Add relevant tags and category as per your article. Now click on publish button. Your post will be visible at the front page of your blog.


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Seo Experts and WordPress Developers in India

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. It is the process of getting the traffic from free or natural search results on search engines. Imagine yourself as a librarian for every book in the world, where people depend on you for searching any and every book or publisher name that they are looking for in the

library. You need a system which contains information about every book and what it contains inside that book. This is for sure not an easy job. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are the librarians of the internet. They collect every information on the web so that they have records as search algorithm for every webpage available so that it can be easily available and accessible by the user as per his/her requirement. Web pages and other contents are listed according to the relevant search related to a particular keyword by the user. Search engines pay lot of attention to words, title, links as recommendation and reputation of sites with fresh and engaging contents as these are the basic ingredients for searching any information. Well known search engines such as Google, Bing rank websites according to the complex algorithms which are implemented to determine which websites are most commonly searched for particular search terms. It is therefore essential to take out time and work to optimize your website for relevant search terms that may result in being rewarded with high search engine rankings for the mentioned keywords.


SEO is one of the most popular buzz words in Internet marketing. Even those who know about this concept may have difficulty in executing their SEO strategies to produce the desired effect. Business owners hire SEO consultants to optimize their websites and increase sales and profit of their products.

What to look for while hiring SEO Expert?

Knowledge of all three SEO levels
Marketing Savvy
Passion for execution
Determination to fit in the organizations culture

Word Press is a free and open source CMS based on PHP and SQL. One need to have proper knowledge of PHP and SQl codebase knowledge, usage of new techniques in work like Ajax, APIs and contributing an hour on developments by top word press developers. They can be hired on full time, part time or as freelancer. By mentioning about the need and expectation of the organization from the developer, one can opt for the best developer and can sometimes get contacted by the developers also. The field comes with an opportunity to apply the reading material from the mind to the system and earn considerably a handsome amount of salary. A dedicated and passionate employee is always praised and valued by the organization.

What is the difference between WordPress and Joomla?

Now every business need website development to tell about their product, services among users. But one question arises that which one is the best platform to develop a stunning website for your business. WordPress and joomla platform are commonly used by most of businesses to design amazing websites. WordPress and Joomla both are CMS (content management system) and can be easily expanded by using plugins and more. You can change the look of site by using themes and templates in both of the CMS.

wordpress vs joomla

Here we are going to tell difference between WordPress and Joomla on the basis of following points.

WordPress is best platform for the persons who have start up their business. It is good for small to medium sized websites, blogs and stores. On the other hand Joomla is best for ecommerce websites. But there is need some technical coding in Joomla.

1-Themes and Templates
WordPress Directory has approx 3023 themes. Many free and premium themes are available in WordPress. You can easily install any theme and start working.  There is option available to edit the theme in editor are per your need. Joomla offers two types of templates as frontend and backend. In Joomla there is no template directory. You can search on Google for Joomla templates and get your theme.  There is facility available to edit templates in template manager.

2-Plugins and Extensions
WordPress and Joomla both can be expanded by using Plugins and Extensions. In WordPress there are available over 3600 plugins in the plugin directory. A list of premium plugins is available; you can buy or subscribe it and upload to WordPress Website. If you want o edit the plugin code then you can do it in the plugin editor.

Joomla has over 8634 extensions. These extensions are divided into 33 catageory.  It has approx 4353 free extensions and 4530 paid extensions. All the extensions are labeled to know if it has compatibility with your Joomla version. If you want to install an extension, you can either download or upload using extension manager.

3- Widgets and modules
WordPress lets you to add lots of functions by using widgets as Facebook like, calendar, latest posts, latest comments and categories etc. It is easy to drag and drop the widgets in sidebars. Widgets area may be different as per different theme.

In Joomla, you can add multiple features as search, statistics, archived articles and more by using modules. You can set the display order for all the modules. It offers bread crumbs feature so that all the modules will not appear in sidebar.

4-Creating Content and UI

In WordPress, it uses TinyMCE as visual editor. You can easily add tags, images, seo, formats and many other features. Preview option is available before posting. If you want to ass or edit an image, it can be done by using media library option. It is easy to create both pages and posts. All the navigation is on Left side.

In Joomla, everything is laid out in systematic manner. You can easily add new articles, menus, categories, modules and extensions and templates etc from control panel. Everything is familiar in Joomla.

5- Security and Maintenance

In WordPress, Security can be done through plugins or by hiring a service. You can install any security plugin for your website. For website maintenance, word press always alerts you about new updates. So always keep updated your website.

In Joomla, you can also maintain your website security, updates and website maintenance.


Both WordPress and Joomla both offer great platforms for e-commerce, complex blogging and portfolios etc. You can choose any one of the platform as per your choice.
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