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What mistakes people make while hire web designer India?

If you have taken final decision that you are required a website for your business? That’s good but there are various key points that you should keep in mind before hire web designer India.
Mistakes during when you hire website designer: There are listed some mistakes
hire web designer India

1-Don’t expect more by paying too little. People often want more things for a very low price.  Most if businesses need a website to sell their products or services and earn more money with it. So always try to hire skilled website designer according to his worth.
2- Always took a glance of website designer’s previous work and portfolio. This will make you sure that he has capability to develop business website in unique style. By his previous work you can identify his color scheme selection, general layouts and more.
3-Always consider the experience of website developer as it is the main factor. Web designers have lots of knowledge and improvement in work with experience.

What should be the selection criteria for web developer?
Most of companies are providing services to hire web designer online. At first you need to keep in mind what you are searching for demographic specific web developer or a web designer from any part of the world.

Few points to keep in mind while searching for web development services.
1-If they are available in your budget?
2- If they can develop or design a website that can easily stand out with your competitor’s website?
3-If the visitors as well as search engines can easily find website?
4- If the design of website will draw the expected results?
5-If the website development will provide comprehensive services?

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Most frequently asked WordPress Development questions and answers for 2016

1-What do you mean by WordPress? Word Press is an open source content Management system that is built in PHP. It provides platform to create website and blogging. By using WordPress, you can create any personal or commercial website.
2- How to make your website safe on WordPress?

WordPress is safe to operate by using its available latest versions, you can make website safe on WordPress and avoid hacking.

3- What is the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.Org?

WordPress.Com is fully hosted and generally focuses on your content. On other hand, WordPress.Org is self-hosted.

4- If there is any limitations to a WordPress Websites?

WordPress CMS can be used to create Ecommerce websites, membership websites, Photo galleries and many others. Thus there is no limitation for WordPress Website.

5- Tell some features of WordPress?

There are following advance features of Word Press:

(a)Flexibility and simplicity

(b)User and media management

(c)Full standards Compliance

(d) Easy theme system

(e) Advance plug-in

(f) Built-in commenting system

(g)Easy to install and upgrade

(h)Search engine optimized

(i) Multilingual support

6-Do you know the types of hooks in WordPress?

There are two types of hooks as Action hooks and Filter hooks

7- What is the functionality of Hooks in WordPress?
WordPress Development

Hooks are used to create WordPress theme or Plugin with shortcode without having any change in original files.

8-What do you understand by custom field in WordPress?

Custom field in WordPress is a meta-data that allow users to store arbitrary information to the wordPress Post.

9-What are the different ways to use WordPress?

There are different ways to use WordPress: Blog, CMS, Arcade, Portfolio, Gallery, Shopping store, Video collection website and more.

10- Tell about some essential plugins for WordPress

https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/ (Best SEO Plugin)
https://wordpress.org/plugins/google-sitemap-generator/ (sitemap)
https://wordpress.org/plugins/w3-total-cache/ (caching)
https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-smushit/ (optimizing image files)
https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-optimize/ (Simple but effective plugin allows you to extensively clean up your WordPress database and optimize it without doing manual queries: )

11- What is the prefix of WordPress tables by Default?

By default, wp_ is the prefix

12-Which one plug-in is for Multi-language support in WordPress?

WPML Multilingual Plugin.

13- What do you mean by WordPress loop?

WordPress use PHP code to display WordPress Post. This code is generally referred as WordPress loop.

14- How to disable the WordPress Comment?

Go on dashboard under options-discussion there is a comment “ Allow people to post comment” try unchecking the comment.

15- What do you mean by template tags in WordPress?

WordPress template tags are a code that gives instructions for WordPress to do or get something.

16- Why you use a static front page in wordpress?

In order to give page a look more like a real website page, users use static front page.

17- What you think creating a site on wordpress.org different from wordpress.com?

Almost things are similar in both except the theme choices and plugins usage.

18-If you de-activate the plug-in, it will slow down a WordPress Website?

No, if I deactivate the plug-in, it will not slow down as WordPress Website. WordPress always loads the active plugins and ignores the rest one.

19- What do you mean by Meta Tags?

Meta Tags are keywords and description that are used to display website or page information.

20- How can you write series in WordPress?

Here is organize series plugin in WordPress to write series.

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Where to Hire word press developers India and PHP Developer India?

A common resources provider pool to hire wordpress developers india, hire php developer india at fair costs.WordPress is the web based software, which is used to create blog, website and applications.
The wordPress is taking over the market since its introduction. It is a easy and free software, to won a blog or website. WordPress was initiated in 2003, with limited users to transform the style of everyday writing. Since then it is the biggest blogging tool.

The USP of this is, that it is an open source project. This means it is coded by the community, for the community. There are thousands of people all over the world on this. WordPress.org is customizable for the user and can be used for almost anything. It is PHP and Mysql based.

These days from life bloggers to website hosts, everyone can be found on WordPress. This provides an easy interface to write whatever you feel and in your own style. Designing and customisation is easy. Once someone completes the basics, we have extensions, plug-ins to help your blog or website stand out.

hire word press developers India

WordPress developer is a challenging and hard work intensive job. The demand for WordPress developer is high in the market. The developers have to be competitive and creative to meet the client’s needs and expectation. We at Aresourcepool help you find or hire wordpress developers for your blog/website or application. We have a team of trained and experienced developers. If you hire us, you get a dedicated team for developing, which is cost effective as well as convenient.

We also provide resources to hire PHP developer India. You can do this by a three step simple process. PHP is known for web development and business applications. This is used to create dynamic web page content. It is script language for web development. PHP is top language for start ups and small businesses. The speed of development is the advantage of PHP.

If you want to hire a PHP developer, you can select the number of developers and the level of proficiency needed. You will be provided with the developer as per your time zone. Yes you can hire from outside India, you can outsource your work to us for cost effective and feasible work experience.

We have client backed up, user experience and this speaks in favour of our dedicated team and the hard work they put in. To hire PHP developer or WordPress developer visit Aresourcepool.