Rated 4.8 out of 5.0 for Aresourcepool by 600 clients on over 1500+ projects.



State-of-the-Art capacity to nurture talent and knowledge

The State-of-the-art facility is available for our teams to work on the projects. We believe that as much as employees are an asset, tools, and equipment that facilitate quality work is also an asset. We at AResourcepool follow the latest sitting as well as linking strategy. We have an open culture which permits employees to approach the Management without any hesitation on any concern and issue regarding the work or personal at times.


Our sitting arrangements are equipped with backups on electrical and internet services with in-house permanent and contractual employees hired on the need basis. The infrastructure is also enabled to handle natural calamities and we have Business Continuity Plan in place for any unforeseen incidents. We have a designated assembly area which can be used in case of fire or other occurrences of similar nature.

With world-class arrangements, our teams focus on technology, quality of service, reliability, and scalability of the project to benefit our client to the maximum level. We have created an IT environment which leads to high performance and results in client appreciation on regular basis.

The servers used are of high quality and dedicated staff is available always to keep track of upgrades on a periodic basis. There is near zero downtime and regular backups are taken to have past data safe and secure without losing it in the process at any time. Client data is also kept safe and secure always and confidentiality is strictly maintained.