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7 Web Development Trends to Pay Attention in 2018

With the advancement in the development of the web technology, it has been grown massively since its inception. This advancement in the web technology has helped various individuals and has turned to be much useful. Now the individuals can take the advantage of the technology just by implementing it in the early stage rather only. Thus, it is really vital to pay the attention to the web development trend now and incorporate it into your plan of web development. But do you know what trends need to be implemented now?  Well in the year 2017, various web development trends gained the prominence. This article will enlighten you with all the popular web development trends that becomes the part of the development and needs to implement in websites on 2018 to impact web development industry.

AI, Chat bots and Machine Learning:-The main of the web development company USA is to provide the best website to their customers. Also, the aim of the website owner is to offer great user experience to the targeted audience. For providing the good experience to a user it is necessary to provide the answer to all the questions of a user and help them with everything. Most of the companies used to hire an individual who supports users all time. But as of now, these can be done with help of AI as well machine learning. The AI and machine learning can be used to make used to make the chat bots which can easily guide the visitors to the website that can assist the user.

Day by day with the advancement in the technology, the communication with the chat bots has been increasing and this has reached out to various channels such as social media websites, app, e-commerce websites and much more. With the advancement, AI and machine learning is becoming smart and is capable of solving all the complex issues, Also, it can offer great customer service experience to the users for making it highly efficient. This can easily guide the users through a full transaction as well as solve their queries.

Some of the platforms which has invested much in the chat bots are Twitter, Google, and Facebook. Recently AI and machine learning have been expected to make essential changes in the industry of web development.

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Augmented Reality Video and Virtual Reality:-With the rapid growth in the speed of the internet, it has been helping the users for consuming the content, but the videos have been proved to be essential data consumption. According to 2017, it has been seen that 360 videos and 360 images and virtual reality videos came into the existence. The virtual reality videos have not become quite popular as it is expensive to get designed and then implement on the website. But still this helps in offering the great experience to the user as well as for getting good sales On the website of the e-commerce, still, it has not become necessary but still, this can be tried in hosting services of the video.

Various websites such as Microsoft, Google and YouTube have been implementing these kinds of videos on their websites. On the VR, you can now watch many interactive videos. For the wide communication, these kinds of videos will surely become popular.

Internet of Things (IoT):-Internet of Things is the collection of the devices which are connected to the internet so as to help in offering great services to the individuals. For making the smart homes nowadays, various IoT devices have been used which includes, smart cameras, smart tube lights, and much more. This enhances the accuracy as well as the efficiency of the gadget. These gadgets can easily be connected to the internet and thus can be used for creating the great user experience. These kinds of the websites help in interacting easily with smart devices. Today there are only some websites which have implemented IoT but they are expected to be increased and reach deeper in our lives.

Progressive Web Application:-Considering the scenario of today’s world, the mobile devices used to play the vital role in creating the website traffic. The web application used to drive much traffic and makes easier to fastly access to the website. Considering the popularity of the web application, they are developing much. The progressive web applications are that kind of application which are just same as of mobile but in nature are websites. These kinds of apps have benefits to browse on a web browser as well as apps and offer the great experience to the user. The advantage of these apps is that they can work offline, reliable, fast loading time and provide the push notification. Comparing to the usual apps, these kinds of the app takes less time for the development and can be maintained easily.

Mobile friendly website:-For your website, if you are not planning for the PWA, then one of the great things is to design a mobile-friendly website. This helps in ensuring that the website looks great on the mobile too. For making the mobile-friendly website certain things needs to be optimized which includes images, site speed, animations, designs, layout, font and other elements.

Block chain:-Well, block chain is a new innovation in the technology which will soon change the web industry, The block chain technology is such which make use of various standard data storage and helps in storing data in various locations around the world. This helps in eliminating third part and facilitate a transaction. Each transaction is completely verified with the complex algorithms and thus offer full data security. With this various organizations are now planning to implement the Block chain technology.

Make use of Push Notification:-This is one of the new trends that is being used in the mobile as well as web apps. This kind of the notifications makes the user alert with the message on their desktop This kind of notification can be directly used for sending the data to users about some things such as sales, and other notifications. The push notification has helped various businesses in availing the advantage of user engagement, better sales, and more user visit and that too without any cost of mobile application.