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Top 7 reasons why you should use Node.js for Web Applications

In lay man’s term, Node.js is another web application which helps you in developing websites and online application. However, it has the unique ability to outshines other web applications by replacing web-sockets with revolutionary push technology. It is one of the most innovative web applications with two-way, real-time connections. This means that both the server and client can build communication, and exchange valuable data amongst themselves.
Discussed here are the top 7 reasons why you should use Node.js:

  1. It is JavaScript

One of the foremost reasons why Node.js is so popular is because it uses JavaScript as its main language to develop the web applications. JavaScript is the most popular choice to develop online web applications. It is relatively a new framework which is also robust at the same time and has wooed the developers quite soon. JavaScript is quite common to most web developers, and the trend is here to stay.

  1. It’s lightning Fast

Node.js powered by V8 is essentially a JavaScript runtime developed by Google for use in Chrome. V8 can compile and execute JavaScript at a very fast speed, into a native machine code. Tasks such as reading or writing to the file system, network connections, and to the database are executed very fast in Node. It gives the developers an opportunity to build speedy and highly scalable network applications. These applications are capable of handling bulk amounts of simultaneous connections yielding high output.

  1. It is Lightweight

Basically, Node.js is based on an architecture which is incident-driven and everything that is run on it, including operation and call, is a series of an asynchronous callback. This allows Node to run on a single thread, unlike other web platforms where a new thread is created for every client request. This makes it a lightweightapplication andlays the basisfor Node’s non-blocking I/O feature.

  1. A Single Language for All Layers

Another key benefit of Node.js is the benefit of language re-use. Other web technologies like Spring or ASP.NET requires the developer to know two languages to write the other part of the code on the server-side. Whereas, Node uses only JavaScript for the client and server side.

  1. High Performance

Many big enterprises use Node to build a robust application and reduce their response time considerably. Companies like PayPal, Walmart have reported to having a great experience with Node. Applications built on Node are superfast and provides excellent performance even during peak times when the traffic is in abundance in the mobile application.

  1. It can be Hosted Anywhere

Node.js can be hosted anywhere. There are several cloud-based hosting providers and web servers such as Google, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft IIS that support web applications built on Node.

  1. It is Easy to Modify and Maintain

Developing new services using Node.js is comparatively easier than modifying traditional applications. With Node.js, a bunch of small applications can be built instead of a single, large application. This allows making changes or adding a new functionality easier without touching the base code and digging deep.

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