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SMART framework

12 Ways to get Smarter with your Content and SEO

Google used to change their algorithms time to time. One fact always remains the same i.e. Content as it is the key of Seo that lets your customer to stick with the relevant topic and drives user engagement, experiences and conversions.
As per Content Marketing Institute (CMI), only 41percent organizations are clear about right content marketing strategy. In a research it is found that only 20 percent of business to consumer content drives user engagement at all.
It is totally useless to waste time and effort on the content that wins zero business benefits for its business.
In this article, we are going to describe the way to write specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely content writing framework.
Always keep in mind that specific audience always likes to read smart content. There are listed 12 best ways to write smart content.

content and seo

1- Research Your Audience First:
Before writing content it is more important to know about your audience. It is more important than keyword research to know where your most of customers live online. , What action they want to take while engaging with your brand and more.

2- Topical Research:
It is necessary to understand the competitive environment well. Always try to write content on those topics that are not covered by your competitors. It will help you to write engaging content.

3- Choose the Right Content Format:
Try to convey your message in the right format. Try to incorporate various types of media (images, videos, pdf etc) in single content. It will be helpful to illustrate your message.

4- Choose Business Goals Metrics:
Always focus on your business goals metrics including website traffic, lead generation, social share timing on website, conversion rates etc while writing content.

5- Consider SEO as main component of content writing:
Content Optimization is main factor to improve the search engine visibility, user engagement, sharing and conversions. It is best idea to use current SEO standards to optimize Meta title, Meta Description, images, text and heading tags.

6-Automation Acceleration:
Use content automation system that will help you to know how each piece of information is performing and what are new recommendations.

7- Content Creators and Technical SEO Support Relationship:
Your content will perform its best if you will support your content creators with technical sound. Content ranking also depends on website structure, Meta tags, mobile friendly, internal linking, website speed, code errors and other search engine optimization factors.

8- Multiple Channel Optimization:
It is good idea to post your content on various social Media platforms including Facebook, G plus, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, instagram and more.

9- Social Channels Amplification:
You can easily identify where your content performs well by running experiments against different audience segments on facebook and twitter channels.

10-Syndication and Use Paid Promotions:
Syndications republish your already posted website content elsewhere and expose it to another publication audience. For this you can use both organic as well as paid syndication.

11- Remember to Email:
Use at least monthly email sending schedule to your customers, as they want to hear from you. Always try to write crystal clear content because it helps you to take your customers to next logical steps.

12- Incorporate various Business functions Elements:
Try to write multidimensional content incorporated with several business functions elements to build brand authority, encourage product awareness and user engagement.
Thus always use smart content strategy in SEO to get best results.