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Risk Reward

Risk Reward Model

Increase your business success with accountability and outcome based engagement model for your development needs.

This model is relatively new but has fetched us success in establishing improved relationships with our clients. Our domain specialist works closely with our clients to understand their needs and work out a feasible solution for both parties to benefit. The Risk-Reward model involves investment from both ends i.e. the client and the service provider and profit is shared over a period of time. Therefore, ideas are shared and discussed before proceeding forward with the development plan.


At AResourcepool, we have managed to succeed in several projects based on this model and have benefited our clients immensely with the freedom to choose from an array of options during discussions. With transparency in our communication and clarity on the division of rewards, our relationship with our clients has only improved after such partnership. Our focus during this arrangement remains on the growth of our client’s business and mutually agreed on advantages.

Grow your business with the Risk- Reward model as we understand it and believe in growing with you collectively.