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February 2018

Advantages and Services of Mean Stack Development Company

The angular JS has been turned out to be the boom in the development of the web page. As we know that the code of development with the daunting task to be done. Thus, Angular JS has been assisted with the ample number of tools so as to help every mean stack developer for working in an efficient way within less time.

There are various technologies that have been used for developing the web app and the mobile applications. But only a few are able to live up and take up the challenge. So, from all the options the one which option which has been reliable and is capable for the startups, as well as other enterprises, is mean stack development. This is the main reason for hiring up the mean stack development company for the operation of web app or mobile app.

If you are the one who has some or little knowledge about the use of the mean stack as well as about the benefits of its providers then, this is a right article. Read the whole and enlighten yourself with in-depth knowledge.

There are various parameters in the application which needs to be there that mean stack development company needs to be considered while making the application. Some of the parameters include:

  • Scalability
  • High performance
  • Security
  • Easily maintained
  • User-friendly

Mean Stack Development Company

The concept of Mean stack Development:

Primarily, the mean represents the gathering of the javascript technologies that occur together. The mean stack is a kind of the technology which has been listed as one of the best technologies for developing best top mobile applications. This technology has been used by all the prominent application development organizations. This is free as well as open source Javascript software for building the dynamic websites as well as applications for the web. The mean stack developers use its amazing features for implementing the web apps or websites.

Acronyms of Mean:

There are some acronyms of the mean stack:

Mongo DB

Angular JS Development

Express JS

Node JS

Advantages of Utilizing Mean Stack Development for Web Applications:

Easily can be switched between client and server:

Utilizing mean stack for the development of the web apps is highly simple as well as fast because all the mean stack developers are allowed for writing the code in just one language for both the server as well as client side. Thus the specialist in javascript can easily handle the project completely with the use of the mean stack.

In this, the Node JS used to act as a web server, so there is not any need for the Apache. So, with the Node JS, the developer can easily deploy the application on the server directly without any need of deploying to stand alone server.

Highly Flexible:

If you need for testing the web app once you have done with the process of development. The mean stack allows you for hosting easily on the cloud. Moreover, you can easily add more data to the new field. MongoDB has been made by cloud and thus it provides the powerful database and come up with the automatic sharing support. Once you have plugged in MongoDB, you can easily spread the clusters among server.

Achieve MVP (Minimum Achieve Product):

This is another benefit of developing the web application instantly and come up with the MVP.

Allow Isomorphic Coding:

The isomorphic coding means that the code which you have written in one framework that can be transferred same way to another. Thus, this cutting-edge technology has been cool as well as reliable.

Proven Technology:

When you are working with the mean, it means that you are working up with the right proven technology which has been established and capable of handling the technology. But if you are still not sure just search on the Google to find it quickly.

Supports MVC:

This is another benefit that the mean stack easily compiles with the MVC. This can easily ensure the development team which can stay up productive so as to deal with the tedious task dealing with different programming language.

Enable Quality App Development:

The basic architecture of the web app has been developed with the use of the mean stack that can be set up with the use of automated testing.

Universal Programming Language:

If you are working with the mean stack that means you are working with the universal programming language. Thus, if any new developer used to join the team, he can easily be figure what has been worked on the project and he can easily handle the project.


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How to beat Challenges Faced during iPhone App Development

Nowadays, mobile app development is the most talked topic as there are various iPhone app developers who have the view of the mobile application development at the saturation point. There are numerous companies which are switching up to their website that has been ignored for a couple of months. Also, there might be issues as individuals confused to choose the right iPhone app development company.

Have you ever think of? What is the reason that mobile application world is reaching the highest level? But still, the web is popular in the world of the IT. Most of the individuals want to know about the application being featured in the store of application. But in this article, you will learn about everything.

Mobile app development challenges

Current situation of the Ecosystem of Mobile App:

If we will see a figure of the mobile App store, you will get to know there are more than 40k to 50k apps being submitted to the iOS store. But the main issue is that until the mobile application being capable to manage itself in top 1000 categories of the app store otherwise there will not be any chances for the success. According to the recent study done by Activate, only 20% app publishers used to get the app store used to earn total 60% of total app store revenue.

Discovery of the Application:

For making the application successful, the user needs to explore the potential of the new application. Now let’s watch that how the app would comes to the notice among the users. Primarily, the app becomes demanded with two hacks i.e. a great strategy of marketing and the app uniqueness. The well researched mobile application marketing strategies need the paid promotion which is much costly. But, still, the price of the user acquisition has increased consequently as compared to the past few months. Also, the well-researched marketing strategy includes the marketing of application store i.e. ASP that has two ways such as featured app as well as the category of the popular applications. But still both the ways are reserved up for the selected brands and so the new brands need to do struggle and get themselves noticed by the users.

Some of the marketers of mobile users to follow the approach of charting where they used to buy thousands of fake install overseas in just a small window so as to push the application above the fold in the chart of the category. Well, this is the sickening practice but still, it renders the mechanics of application explored work.

What are the areas of Pain for the mobile application?

Rating as well as ratings of application:

Once the application has been discovered, there are various other litmus tests being waiting for it. One of the biggest litmus tests is to get reviews as well as ratings from the application users. There are just a few users who used to provide 5 stars to the application even if they used to fulfill the purpose of the user. Thus, you need to manage your review app page effectively as the low rated applications are not being preferred by anyone and afterward it will make the things wrong for you.

Limited Space:

The smart phones of the individuals are usually stuffed with the images or some of the other mobile application. Thus, in this scenario, downloading the new application is much painful as the space is much limited to the users. The manufacturers of the mobile such as Apple has started charging extra for the increasing the space of the disk. As the example, upgrading the space of the phone for 64 gigabytes, the user needs to pay $2 for each gigabyte. Due to the limited space, users always need to compare the personal collection to use the mobile app such as it can make things worse.

How to beat these challenges?

According to my opinion, the app stores can be adopted simple methodology. The app stores also can adopt the algorithm which can help them rank their apps with their age as well as performance. As soon the app will get updated, the age of the app will get refreshed. The performance of the application would determine its ranking then. The vacant place would get filled up with the new application so as to give the opportunity to the new applications for showing their performance.

By just following the simple method, new app publishers would largely get the advantage and the user can be able to witness something unique and special.


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Top 10 Major Advantages of Using HTML5

Primarily, HTML5 is a markup language that allows the developers for building up the web-based applications which can run on every device on a regular browser. Just imagine the power of the HTML4 which has currently powered web with interactive media and that also now there is HTML5.

Nowadays, the native apps can be written specifically for the Apple, iOS, and Google. The operating system if the mobile is dominating the mobile development but HTML5 offers various benefits other than the native apps. Firstly, the HTML5 is a web-based standard which can run on any web browser. This means that the developers are not being the mercy of the Apple, Google or their closed native app. Also, you can promote your HTML5 application freely on the web.

Hire-HTML5- Developers

The HTML5 is one of the latest version of hypertext markup language which has brought up the revolution in the industry of the web design as well development. This language has introduced various new as well as enticing features which have allowed the users to make the website user-friendly, engaging as well as interactive. This is the reasons that the webmasters are switching over to this new technology as this provides various advantages as compared to the previous version. Now have a look at the top 10 advantages that are offered by html5 Development.


This is the new version of the HTML5 which save the users from the unusual copy and paste work. Despite being simple as well as easy, the doctype also works with some legacy versions of the main browsers such as IE6.

Improves the Accessibility:

The HTML5 platform has enhanced the visibility of the web pages as well as websites. This will allow users to access the content easily as well as they can easily understand various tags such as <header>, <fototer>, <section> without any confusion. This will not only enhance the display but it will also make the process of the coding much easy. These new improvements provide easier access to its users without considering the color, orientation, and resolution of the device being used.

Maintaining the code cleaner:

This helps us in keeping the code very clean as well as understandable. This has also become the success enhancement in this new HTML5 version. This version allows the users to write the code semantic and descriptive. Also, this support in separating the style from the content without doing any kind of extra effort.

Optimization of Mobile:

Nowadays there has been an increase in the numbers of users who use the internet on the mobile instead of the desktop or laptop. This will continue and grow fast and thus all the websites need to mobile-friendly nowadays. Being the mobile-friendly tool, the HTML5 allows building the website as well as an app for the mobile devices. Hiring the HTML5 developers will make you get the responsive website design which can increase the targeted audience and cater the need of user without hampering any device.

Compatible with Cross Browser:

There are multi-space browsers too, so the websites nowadays need to be compatible with cross-browser. So, getting the HTML5 designed website or app has the advantage as it supports all the main browsers in the world that include Google, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Firefox and also the legacy versions. One of the best things about this version is that it offers seamless access to the site.

Support for Audio/Video:

Talking about the previous version, they use Flash Player or any other third media player for making audio or video elements accessibility for only to few individuals. But with the version of HTML5, this has intro various new and outstanding elements with the audio and video which are much popular and also allow the user to add various multimedia elements to website without any hassle.

Location of the Area:

The new version HTML5 has the Geo-location API which enables the device to detect the location of the user and provide them the tailored content. This great feature of the HTML5 needs the consent of the user to identify the location of user appropriately but though it enables the web browsing much easy for the users specifically.

Enticing Interface:

A great interaction might lead to the improved marketing and many sale for the businesses. With the HTML5, users are able to make the website much engaging as well as interesting, This new as well as awesome element allows the user to get animation and other exciting features which engrossed the user. Also, it allows creating the featured pack as well as the rich application which in result improves the conversion of the website.

Development of Game:

The games are much popular among the users who use the internet. With the introduction of the version HML5, the games can be developed with the use of the <Canvas> tag. Also, the users can play now much engaged as well as the interesting game. Other than the school flash games all these games are easy to be developed and much engaging.

Enhanced Storage:

The version HTML5, makes the users enjoy with the improve storage feature which is a perfect bond among the style storage as well as a client database. This version provides enhance service in the term of the security and allow easy as well secure storage.

Wrapping Up:

Do you want to get your mobile application developed? Are you confused about choosing mobile app development company in India? Leave your worry aside and choose Aresource Pool which is the highly prominent company dedicated to offering application development services to the individuals. The main aim of the company is to offer full satisfaction to their clients and provide them the enhanced app. They have highly experienced HTML5 developers who dedicated develop the app without any hassle.