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January 2018

Hacks to Choose an App Development Company like a Pro in 2018

Do you want to join the growing app industry this year but still not sure for making the in-house team from the start who will be responsible for making the ideation to launch or outsource the specialized mobile app development company?

Don’t worry you are not just the one who is confused About making the decision. There are various individuals who have been confused and they in end hire the in-house developers and get the less quality application of the development.

The choice among the outsourcing the development company or hiring the in-house developers for your application is not an easy decision to make. The research done over the internet will surely provide you various points to hire in-house or to outsource the specialized company.

It is better to outsource the company which is specialized in the process of the development. But still you have the confusion, then this article is just for you.

Settle down the confusion and outsourcing the company is better than the in-house development process. As this will raise your revenue more.

App Development Company

Keep on reading the article for outsourcing the mobile application development team in 2018:

Save the Cost:

There is various analysis which used to point toward the price which the organizations save while they outsource for web development company in USA or mobile app company instead of hiring the in-house team for development. By outsourcing the organizations can get the high quality. The companies which are specialized in provide application development services offers a cost-effective solution and has great technical knowledge.

Saves the Time:

Handover the job to the company who is specialized in developing the applications will give help you in saving the time. This will take much less time as compared to hiring the in-house developers and develop the app from scratch.

Dedicated Service and great focus on business:

If you outsource for the process of the development, you will surely get the time to concentrate on the other important things such as the advertising and other things which is important for the application. As the company you have hired will take all the hassles of the development and you can do another process.

 Experienced Professionals:

With the rise in the trend of apps, there is maximum around 2.2 million apps and there are chances to increase more in 2018. So, it is important to get the high-quality app that grabs the attention of the users. So, opt for an agency which has extensive experience in this field.

Remember to hire company which has been known for their quality development, such that you can get highly talented professionals. These professionals not only can guide your properly but will help you prepare better for updates.

Now, you have just known benefits of outsourcing the agency for your app development, so you will surely want the best company.

In the market nowadays there are numerous companies present that will promise to offer high quality but in reality, they will not provide you with the best app. So, consider the things before finalizing the company.

What to avoid in the application development Company?

  • Do not finalize the company which is not having the proper knowledge of the industry update.
  • Do not choose that company which has fix time for the work
  • Do not finalize the company that asks for your targeted audience
  • Do your research well before finalizing the company
  • Do not consider the company which ask for the 80% advance
  • Finalize the company which has good ratings and reviews.

As the whole research well before choosing the company so that you can get the high-quality application at cost-effective rates. Consider the above points as they are much important for the process of development.

How can you get Best Mobile App Development Company?

There are various factors which you can consider:

Experience of Company:

When you are looking out for the application development companies for your app development project, you will get to know that not all companies are best.  But there will chance they had the specialist team. They will look out for your industry and the process will be too slow. So, for saving you time as well as your investment cost be sure to choose the company which has already developed the apps same as your app idea. For checking this, you can have a look at the portfolio of the company and get the result.

Check the clients too:

Do not forget to enquire about the previous customers of the agency as this will give you the better idea of the company. If you want to interact with customers then ask company the time which they take for developing the app and effort they put the research about the industry as yours. This will let you know the flexibility of the company.

Size of team:

Another crucial thing which is very important to be considered before finalizing the company is to check the size of the team of the company. Check if the agency is capable of handling the projects and has the big team of testers, developers, marketers, and others. Try to make some interaction with the team so as to get the idea of their experience and skills.

At the time of your research, you will come across various companies that have small team and cannot handle the project well. So, make sure to choose the company which is capable of handling the project and update of everything.

Mode of Communication Used:

This is one of the most crucial things which needs to be considered as most of the company close the line of the communication. The company you are going to outsource is nearby your area then it is easy to manage the things, but if you outsource the company that is not on your are then the communication is difficult.  So, check the mode of the communication of the company you are finalizing. This can help you in getting the progress report of your project.

Structure of the Payment:

Though this is the last stage of the development process, it cannot be avoided. You need to know everything clearly about the charge. Here you can also breakdown the development cost.

Maintenance after application:

Research shows that the development of the application does not end up with the launch. But the work starts from here only. So, choose the company which offers the post maintenance support too.

Wrapping Up:

There are various companies in the market nowadays which claims to offer the best app development company, but the best mobile app development company is AResourcePool that has extensive experience in the industry in every field.



Top 10 Checklist for Hiring Mobile App Development Company

Practically, each and every mobile app development company claims to be the best but it in reality not all company is best and meets up their promises. Developing the mobile application is the much tricky procedure. Nowadays in the market, there is a constant change, but creating an app has been proved to be much beneficial. But the market is enough competitive but the challenge is to create the app which can be used in long run.

Are you hunting out for some reliable app development company? Finding the reliable mobile app team for developing your app can be much daunting but it can add many values. If you want to iPhone app or Android app to be best then, consider the below checklist to get the dream application.


Evaluating the Track Record:

Getting the cheap quote for iPhone or Android app is not the main concern to be checked. But you need to look for the company that caters to provide full satisfaction to the clients. Look out for the company which is highly experienced and their portfolio needs to have the record of creating app successfully. Considering this will make you get the best company that can cater your needs

Check Their Domain Expertise:

For checking this, you can do the research online as most of the companies are specialized in offering the cross-platform app. If you are in the need of iPhone or Android app go for the company which is a great mobile application services provider and working on every mobile platform.

Check their Developer Team:

There are various companies which hire the developers on the basis of freelance work but, if you want your app to be best then look for the company which has a team of in-house developers. If you want to have iPhone app then evaluate the iPhone app developer of the company. If the company has in-house developers then you can be ensured by having best as they are well trained as well as experienced.

Looking for Client Testimonials:

If you want your application to be the best then, choose the company that provides the satisfaction to the clients. Check the testimonials of the company for knowing about its satisfaction if they provide peace of mind then, indeed the quality of their service will be high. Choose the mobile app development company which has been well established and have most reputed clients around the world. If you want honest feedback then ask for the contact with the clients.

Interaction Scope:

Not considering any kind of the technical knowledge you are having or not, the company needs to have the better scope of communication with the clients. Check the intervals when company shares the wireframes of the application. You need to be updated on the progress of application fully.

Ask about the Free Quotes Availability:

In the development of the mobile there are various kinds of expenses, but for the service quote, there need to be no charges by the company. Check how you can apply for the estimate of having Android or iOS application. If the company demands any kind of charges then opts for other companies.

Check Designing skills:

If you want to check the knowledge as well as the creativity of the company then, choose the company which is having highly experienced UI/UX designers. It is extremely vital that your app needs to be eye-catching among the users for grabbing the attention. Check the previous apps made by the company this will show their technical as well as creative knowledge well.

Check the Contract and read it carefully:

When the company made the contract, check it thoroughly and read it carefully as the estimate you get in the service quote that only needs to be mentioned. So check the document thoroughly and be aware of the hidden charges being applied by the company. Ask for the intervals in which you need to make the payment, do not settle all payment if you have not received the tested app.

Get app monetization help:

The application which you will be having can be paid or free app but the main concern of it is to generate the revenue. If you want the paid application, then choose the company which you the proper pricing. But, on the other hand, if you want to create the free app, select the company which has enough experience in implementing the app effectively.

Check Company Server Reliability:

Most of the individuals did the mistake of hiring the wrong company whose service is not as good. The company which offers high service might be able to offer full assurance regarding the quality of server. So check the reliability of the server that the company offers before hiring it for your application development. Check if the company provides assurance of maintaining the issues after the development.

Check company Network:

There needs to be no compromisation with the quality of the application if it is going to be submitted to the iTunes or Play Store. Choose the company who can be in constant contact for the approval process and review for the application.

Quality Assurance and app Testing:

It is not worth in choosing the company that does not meet the quality of standards and offers decent app. On the contract document itself, there needs to be proper information about the quality assurance as well as application testing. They need to be sure that the prototype being build needs to be free from the bugs and the application which has been made needs to be error free.

 Wrapping Up:

If you want to get the decent app and a company on which you can trust then hire, AResourcePool, which is India, USA and UK  based mobile application company. The company has delivered thousands of application to the client with proper satisfaction. Their main aim is to cater the high-quality service with the help of their team no matter what. Choose them and get the tailor-made application as per your desire as well as the requirement!

Best Tactics for Hiring PHP Developer

In the process of building the website and development, this scripting language known as PHP plays the main role. Also due to the reason for free installation, easy use and flexibility, it is getting much popularity. There are millions of the websites which are being powered by the PHP due to the growing popularity as well as user-friendliness. The PHP plays a vital role in developing the static as well as dynamic websites by improving the functionalities. For the creation of any website, hiring the PHP developer is one of the most critical aspects.

Primarily, there are various PHP developers as well as web development companies but hiring one of the best PHP developers need some of the considerations. The PHP developer will create your online presence which can help you in connecting with your customers in this virtual and competitive world.

Thus, it is much important that you hire best PHP developers to get one of the best websites. Well, there is not any room for the competency, otherwise, you will surely risk your organization as well as money. It is not just about the code or the technology but it is about selecting the right developer who can understand the need for your business and has the great passion for developing the website.

php development by AResourcepool

Here is the list which will help you in identifying and get you hire the best PHP developer for creating your website:

Do not ask any Stereotype Questions:

Are you ready to take up the interview of the PHP developer? Taking the interview is a great decision but do not ask any stereotype question. Do not ask the question such as the release date of the PHP or who wrote this language, as these questions need to be purely avoided. These questions are not going to help you in judging the right developer for your project. You need to take the test of the person about the language rather than asking any stereotype question. Ask the question which cannot be searched online.

  • Some of the questions which you ask developer are:
  • What is patter of PHP designs?
  • Ask them for their experience in building the website on this language
  • How to encrypt data with use of PHP?

Check out for the past Projects:

For outsourcing one of the best PHP development company or as a PHP developer, it is much crucial that you check out the past projects. You can ask out for the projects as per your project. Check out the case studies as well as check the testimonials offered by the customers about the developer as well as the company. If the company is reputed it will assure you to offer the website without any issues which of high quality and within the specified time. Moreover, you can also talk to the project manager who will handle all the work provided by you so that you can also check out their capabilities.

Check their Knowledge:

Before finalizing for the PHP developer, remember that you to check the knowledge base of the developers. Well, it is much important to ensure that the PHP developer you are going to hire has the skills which are required for your project. Also check out the kind of the training the company provides to their employees. You need to be updated with the technical trend of PHP. This will surely help you in hiring one of the best developers who can help in your project.

Test their Communication skills:

Communication is one of the best tactics for everything. The developer needs to much fluent with distinct modes like as audio, phone, web, messages. In some situation the communication among the developer and business over the Skype is effective as compared to the emails which are much lengthy. If you want to get updated with your project make sure that the developer is capable of communicating over the phone. It is much vital to ensure that the developer is able to follow all the instructions which you’re communicating to him.

Judge Attitude:

The skill set of the individual for doing the project matters a lot but the attitude plays the main role as it makes or breaks the deal. Hire the developer who is much patient can adapt the changes according to the situation. One of the best ways for finding the best developer is that you need to update about the recent technology and ask the question such as the new tricks or hacks about the PHP or the individual has attended any seminar or PH event.

Wrapping Up:

Clearing all the confusion and clarifying all the points will help you in getting the best developer. When you made your mind for hiring the best PHP developer for your project, you need to make some details so that you can make the developer understand the thing which you want and ask them the questions easily. Also, make the contract and get it signed and in list describe the cost so as to avoid all the confusion in the future. Make the thing clear and hire the best one which is none other than Resourcepool Company. This is a leading website development company that can surely meet your desires.

Top WordPress Trends you need to Implement in 2018

Being one of the most prolific of the platforms for website designing, WordPress is used by thousands and is most widely used content management enabler. With it’s easy to use features and a massive number of themes and plugins, WordPress has become the most sought-after platforms. WordPress websites are user-friendly and responsive along with being SEO friendly.

It keeps evolving and becoming better day-by-day to keep up with the industry trends and give its users something new every time. 27% of the worldwide websites are made on the WordPress and its version 4.9 is in the beta stage and soon to be released. With this new version, one can see betterment in editing code, availability of themes, using plugins and their customizations. These enhancements will help developers as well as website administrators. These improvements will also help the end-user and keep the clients happy.


Teams at AResourcepool, know the platform well and keep themselves updated with WordPress information. Therefore, we bring you the top WordPress Trends for 2018 that you need to implement to make your business further successful –

  1. Drag & Drop WordPress Themes –

This concept will enhance the development and will make it very easy. You can easily drag and drop the files and images on your website and can retain complete control over the design elements without changing the whole structure of your website. The modifications are easy now and non-coders can also use most of the features. The changes can be done in less time allowing flexibility and scalability to the developers.

WordPress offers both free and paid versions of the themes. “Drag-and-drop” themes allow users to create and customize websites without developing any code. These are particularly dynamic in nature and appeal both coders and non-coders equally. Drag-and-drop allows room for experimentation with layout and customization and makes the experience interesting. Here are a few examples of dynamic drag-and-drop WordPress themes:

  • Divi –An all-inclusive WordPress theme with a visual builder complete customization of your website with 46 content elements.
  • Uplift – Uplift’s drag and drop builder features 54 elements easily customize your website.
  • X – X is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop theme with new elements to make your site interesting and visually appealing to the users.
  1. Video Headers –

It’s no secret that video and virtual reality will rule 2018 trends in web design and Luckily, WordPress is already leading the way. The platform fully supports video, virtual reality content, and 360° images which are sure to dominate the website designing. With already few themes and plugins in place, there is more to come as the year goes by. Some of the WP themes simply allow users to edit a video header and add images to enhance the look.

Although video header is an old concept for the developers but in WordPress, it is a new trend. This allows the developer to attract new visitors to the website and increase the sales and hits on the website. Here are a few examples:

  • Inspiro – With a full-screen video feature, this theme is great for showing off a video portfolio.
  • Naila –This is aone-page theme which gives the flexibility of opting for a full-screen video background display.
  • Balzac –A theme that is responsive and supports full video including multiple layouts for incredible flexibility.
  1. Virtual reality Plugins

Virtual reality is the new reality for web designers and WordPress fully supports virtual reality content as well as 360° videos and images. Several plugins are already available, and one can expect to see more in the coming times. Here are a few plugins that are currently available:

  • MomentoPress – A free plugin for displaying 360° photos and videos.
  • 360° Panoramic Image Viewer – It is a responsive plugin that allows you to add “hotspots” to static images,
  • WP-VR View – It allows you to display PhotoSphere images and 360° video on your WordPress site.
  1. Enhanced Websites – E-commerce

E-commerce websites form a chunk of WordPress websites with WooCommerce being the most popular plugin so far. WordPress is a popular choice for online stores as it easily integrates with other platforms like PayPal and Google Checkout. E-commerce requirements such as mobile shopping and subscription-based services are easily taken care by WordPress in its new themes going forward:

  • Uncode – Uncode offers an array of options for enhancing your web store with customizable templates, features and pricing plans to suit all levels of businesses. It’s responsive and integrates with WooCommerce as well.
  • Handmade – This provides powerful e-commerce features such as a one-click demo importer and product filter widgets to help you customize your online store.
  1. Parallax Design & Site Responsiveness

Responsiveness is essential to running an e-commerce website as it directly impacts the business success. These days mobile users are higher than the desktop users and therefore an online store website should easily open via mobile phone allowing you to grow your business faster.

Parallax designs help in making a one-page website more effective and responsive. This concept is very popular and is used by every other website in the market. It creates depth and intensifies the look of the website to make it popular.

All these trends will make WordPress more popular in the market and there is no doubt the users will love it. Allow your business to experience these features with services from AResourcepool and bring more success to your business with our expertise.